Intentionally create your family’s greatest treasure, with an heirloom that grows with your family.

Legacy Video Services — A digital vault for your family’s stories, photos, and memories

Everyone has a story to tell. Don’t deny the power of your own! There is no detail of your one precious life that is too small, too silly, or too boring to pass on to future generations. 

Just as you cherish other people, people love and value you. They want to revel in your happy times, hold your hand through the sad ones, and remember you long after you’re gone. 

Your family’s legacy is in your hands. Memories are too precious to lose. You have the power to preserve them.

Our time on this earth is finite. But the wisdom we pick up along the way doesn’t have to be. Your story is your message. When preserved through photos and videos, that message can create a ripple effect of love that touches generations to come. 

The stories you tell now may be easy to recall, especially if they just happened. But imagine how difficult it will be to evoke those memories with the same details 10, 20, or even 50 years from now.

You may have a tradition in your family of sharing your family stories, giving your kids advice, or recalling important life lessons, but something is lost when those memories aren’t recorded somewhere.

It can be so easy for those details, those little things that we can easily bring to mind now, to fall away.

We never want these cherished times to end. But the reality is these times are fleeting, and the days we have now will one day pass us by.

We want to be with our loved ones forever. 

That’s why I help families celebrate and maximize their time together, while lovingly and thoughtfully preparing for a time when they won’t be.

Introducing Family Time Capsules: Curated cloud storage with legacy photo & video that keeps your memories alive — no matter what life throws at you.

Family Time Capsules aren’t only for the nostalgic. They’re also for the pragmatic. Though it’s sad to consider, it’s a fact of life that families need photos for funerals, memorial services, or simply to remember someone by. 

In the event of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or a loss, a Family Time Capsule will stand in as your up-to-date family scrapbook. Using a simple link, you can send your precious memories to funeral homes, event organizers, or anyone else who needs access to the memories you’re too bereft to dig for in the moment.

Family Time Capsules are perfect for those who…

Have elderly family members whose memories you want to gather in a form that will live on.

Are in end-of-life care and desire the opportunity to relive the highs and lows of life, so their loved ones will always remember their stories.

Are parents (or future parents) who want to record their experiences so their children can know them as they were in their youth, and continue sharing their experiences for the rest of their lives and celebrate every milestone.

Have a loved one with dementia and want to memorialize cherished memories as an heirloom and as a form of reminiscence therapy to allow their family member to recall and connect with their personal histories. 

For the individuals who want to look back in time: at their wedding, when they bought their first house, brought home their baby from the hospital, saw their child walk across the stage at graduation.

For the girl who lost her mom and will have “watch when” videos to open and cherish at each stage of her life.

For those who want to leave a legacy to their children, to share what their first year of marriage was like, how they navigated college, the ups and downs of being a parent, and all of life’s chapters.

The beautiful thing is you don’t have to wait to cherish your Family Time Capsule. There’s no “open date” or expiration on enjoying the memories you make with your family. 

Family Time Capsules give you a simple, easy, and lasting way to preserve your family history.

We may not be able to disrupt the time continuum and visit the future, but we can certainly visit the past.

What would it be like to have emotional insurance through journalistic photo and video?

When you open up your Family Time Capsule, you’ll be instantly, vividly transported back in time. You’ll feel as though your loved one is sitting right beside you — even if they’re no longer living. And you’ll feel a great peace of mind knowing these stories will never fade, but rather grow, over time. 

These stories will help you connect your family through the generations in a way that is more alive and tangible than simply flipping through the pages of an old family photo album.

Preserve your legacy in a living history museum.

Your family history doesn’t come in a box or in a static album. It’s in the stories you tell, the memories you share, and the tender, small details that can be erased by time…unless you preserve them.

Through my professionally edited photos and insightful video interviews, I help families create Family Time Capsules. Filled with an ever-expanding array of striking images and heartfelt clips, the capsules provide curated cloud storage for your life story, and all its precious moments. 


Why Family Time Capsules?

There are people who love and cherish you. It’s an act of love and kindness to preserve your stories and memories. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, child, sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, loved one, friend — your place in your family and its generations matters, and so does your story.

You want to be connected, not only to their family members who are living now, but to those who came before them, and to those who will come after them. 

Everyone has a story to tell. There is no story that is too small, too silly, or too boring. Future generations and your loved ones will value your stories, and you’ll value the stories of others in your Family Time Capsule, too.

We often undervalue ourselves and our memories, imagining photography as a luxury when in reality it is one of the only things we will have by which to remember our loved ones. You will wish you had a record to look back upon. Now, you can have that.

I’m honored to preserve your family history.

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“Lesly is highly professional and the quality of her work is exquisite. You can see that she loves what she does and it shows in every aspect of her company, from responding immediately to adjusting to your schedule and always being kind and gracious. I have personally recommended her to everyone I know.”

- Jeanie M.

“Lesly is the whole package of talent, creativity and kindness! Seriously, she works well with all ages. She brings the best energy and I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

- Samantha Mitchell

“Thank you, Lesly. Working with you was effortless (and fun!). We appreciate your kindness, dedication and quick turn-around. We hope to work with you again soon!”

- Lauren W.

What’s Included?


  • Up to 2 hours of interviews with 2 cameras, lights, and microphones
  • 50+ interview prompts to choose from
  • Planning consultation
  • Non-disclosure agreement for privacy
  • Professionally edited videos 
  • Engraved glass USB

In my Family Time Capsules, I create living family heirlooms. With photos, video interviews, and curated cloud storage, the time capsule is an ever-expanding testament to your family’s special moments and memories.
I create stories that are succinct and engaging. I tell stories that evoke emotion. I bring your family’s legacy to life. I have extensive training in multiple forms of media. I’ve coordinated, filmed, photographed, scripted, and edited digital content. And in every project I take on, storytelling takes center stage.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll bring all the necessary equipment to your home and set up a professionally lit space in a location where you’re most comfortable. If you’d rather record somewhere else, a studio space may be reserved for an additional fee. 

How do you protect my files?

Where will the interview take place?

Who will interview me?

How will my family view my videos after I pass away?

How many videos can I make? How many messages can I share?

How do you protect my files?

Where will the interview take place?

Who will interview me?

How will my family view my videos after I pass away?

How many videos can I make? How many messages can I share?

We have many wonderful and longstanding relationships with estate planning lawyers and funeral homes who we can refer you to to help take care of these logistics. 

How do you protect my files?

Where will the interview take place?

Who will interview me?

How will my family view my videos after I pass away?

How many videos can I make? How many messages can I share?

In our experience, it’s possible to answer about 20 questions in a 2-hour session depending on the length and brevity of your answers. 

How do you protect my files?

Where will the interview take place?

Who will interview me?

How will my family view my videos after I pass away?

How many videos can I make? How many messages can I share?

Aside from backing up your photos to your Family Time Capsule, we’ll also back up your memories onto two additional physical hard drives.