They say memories fade. With Family Time Capsules, they get stronger with time. 

Family Legacy Video + Photography Services in DC, MD, and VA

Just as you love and cherish other people, there are other people who love and cherish you. When you share and preserve your story, you’re sending a message that you want to be there for your family for generations to come — even when you’re no longer physically present. 

Hi I'm Lesly

and I’m a Family Legacy Curator.

Yes, I take photos that make my clients cry with delight. And it’s true that I can interview people like a seasoned pro reporter. (Because I am one.) But I don’t see myself as a photographer and videographer. My calling is to create Family Time Capsules.

A Family Time Capsule is curated cloud storage that holds the heartfelt, ephemeral extras that a photo album can’t. It preserves moments and memories. It provides vivid images and intimate videos that will help you remember loved ones, long after they’re gone. It’s a living history museum, carefully curated to preserve your family’s legacy. 

I’ve worked in newsrooms and as a wedding and family photographer for more than a decade. My experience editing clips, retouching photos, and telling stories has made me realize just how precious stories are — and how they can get lost over time. But preserving stories is preserving history, and we mustn’t let them fade away. 

When I was studying with my mentor Curt Chandler, I had a major lightbulb moment. Watching videos that his former students had created, I felt my calling deep within. This, I realized, is what I want to do. I want to create stories that engage, inspire, and have a lasting impact.  

Curt took me under his wing, and helped me hone my craft as a storyteller. When I first told him about my idea for Family Time Capsules, he looked me in the eye and said: “This is it! You have to do this. You’re going to change people’s lives.” 

What can I say? Storytelling is my calling, and I’ve been at it for a long time.

My parents immigrated to America from Guatemala in 1990 (five years before I was born). I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and I was working in media before I even got my diploma. 

I spent my winter and summer breaks interning in the newsroom at FOX5 DC. I was still a student when I started working for Tegna, a massive media company. Shortly after graduating, I took on a full-time role there, spearheading all digital content as the east coast lead digital producer of the new program Daily Blast LIVE. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m a mom to a beautiful third-grade girl.

Storytelling has been the thread that unites every project I’ve taken on, in my personal life as well as my professional one. When I’m not photographing milestones or editing digital content, I’m asking questions and uncovering the essence of anyone I meet. 

I chat up fellow dog owners at the park, where I take my more than 100-pound Saint Bernard. I connect with my church family. I’ll even find out your life story in the grocery line! My journalistic background has trained me to ask the right questions, at the right time — and people feel safe opening up to me. Simply put, I care about people. And they can sense it. 

i have 10 years of newsroom experience under my belt, and a photography business of my own. I specialize in wedding and family photography. And now, I’m taking my knack for family legacy curation one step farther with a new offering: Family Time Capsules. 

It gives me great peace of mind to know that my family will remember me, and really know me, for generations to come. 

Would you love to experience this for yourself?

That’s where I come in. As a family legacy curator, I help tell your family story in a succinct, captivating way. Your Family Time Capsule will be one story: your family’s preserved in a curated cloud storage where your family memories will live untarnished, and grow as your family does.

Through my videos, I’ve created a Family Time Capsule that will help me communicate with family members I’ll never physically meet. My grandkids’ grandkids can watch the videos, and watch me wish them well. 

I want this to be your reality, too. I want you to have a Family Time Capsule, where all your memories can live. I want you to have emotional insurance on your life. 

I know how difficult it can be to document your family’s history. It’s frustrating to try to sync up calendars so that everyone can get together (and, spoiler alert: there’s never a good time for the whole clan to gather). 

I also know that some people are camera-shy, or simply don’t know what to photograph. Who would want to see my breakfast, they may think, or hear me talk about a random Tuesday?

Year after year, your Family Time Capsule can be updated with captivating on-camera interviews and journalistic photos. And everything will be curated and edited by a pro. 

Glimpse messages my daughter will watch when she...

Curious what your Family Time Capsule could look like?

startS middle school

startS high school

startS college

You’ll feel as though your loved one is sitting right beside you — even if they’re no longer living. And you’ll feel a great peace of mind knowing these stories will never fade, but rather grow, over time. 

These stories will help you connect your family through the generations in a way that is more alive and tangible than simply flipping through the pages of an old family photo album. 

When you open up your Family Time Capsule, you’ll be instantly, vividly transported back in time. 

Through photography for weddings, events, those ‘just because’ family photos, and Family Time Capsules that capture the legacy of your family, I’m here to be your forever photographer in all the moments that make up your past, present, and future.

There’s a better way to build 
               your family’s legacy.

and preserve

There’s a better way to build          
your family’s legacy.